Zari spitting fire, rubbishes Diamond’s claims that she cheated

Zari, Diamond (Inset), and Peter [Photo: Courtesy]

Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) CEO Diamond Platnumz has ripped open wounds from his breakup with ex-lover Zari Hassan.

In a candid interview with Wasafi FM on Tuesday night, Diamond claimed that Zari cheated on him with Nigerian superstar Peter Okoye of music powerhouse P-Square.

Diamond went on to allege that she also cheated with her gym trainer, a position vehemently refuted by the South Africa based Ugandan socialite.

“Namheshimu Zari ni mzazi mwenzangu, alikuwa wife material. Alikuwa anataoka na Peter wa Psquare, niliwahi kukuta sms nikamuuliza.

“Alikuwa anachepuka pia na Trainer wake na alikua anamleta hadi kwangu, lakini sijawahi kufunguka. Na ukweli sijawahi kuachwa na Mwanamke, Ukizingua nitakupiga matukio utaondoka mwenyewe,” narrated Diamond.

Zari blasted diamond as a liar and a serial cheat whose word cannot be believed. She posted on Instagram that the media mogul once disowned his own child with Hamisa Mobetto.

“Let’s get a few things straight. I was about to sleep and people keep sending me voice notes about Nasibu and how he went on his radio tarnishing me. I’m just here thinking if you guys are going to believe a word coming from a man like him, the same guy who denied his own blood, then you are also stupid just like him,

“Naomba tuheshimiane. Stay where you are, we are doing okay without you.

“From my side, tumekusahau. Yaani you don’t exist. You have no contacts with the kids because you decided to, your ego doesn’t let you. We don’t get emotional and financial support from you, so I don’t understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your own country and start accusing me of having all these affairs that I never did,” posted Zari.

The two parted ways on Valentine’s Day 2018 over what Zari claimed was his philandering ways.

“Honestly speaking when the videos with his ex-girlfriend came up I tried asking him about it immediately the videos came up but he started giving too many explanations and that was when I decided to take time off and we stopped communicating for three weeks before I made my decision on Valentine’s Day,” Zari told the BBC.

He is currently dating Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha Donna.