New fortunes for Diamond’s ex-bodyguard? Mwarabu Fighter hired by Mobetto

Mobetto with Mwarabu[Photo: Courtesy]

Tanzanian model cum video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has reportedly acquired the services of Diamond Platnumz’s one time most trusted bodyguard, Seleman Mirundi alias Mwarabu Fighter.

Mwarabu Fighter was spotted keeping a close eye on the beauty as she made her rounds promoting Tridea Cosmetics a day ago.

Mwarabu and Mobetto [Photo: Courtesy]

For Mwarabu Fighter, the new development has come full circle after he was shown the door by the Wasafi CEO who coincidentally happens to be his current employer’s baby daddy.

In an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda in June 2018, Mwarabu Fighter revealed that the Wasafi management let him go as early as February.

“Kimsingi watu walikuwa hawajui, mimi nilisimamishwa kazi muda mrefu, tangu mwezi wa pili mwaka huu, niliambiwa tu nibaki nyumbani mpaka nitakapoitwa,” revealed Mwarabu.

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That year, he also claimed that he worked under difficult conditions while contracted by Diamond.

“I was involved in boda boda accidents four times, when I was working for Diamond. He’d call me on my phone, and tell me: ‘Rush here, you are needed immediately’. Since I couldn’t object, I had to take boda bodas and rush to where he was. Mark you, his phone call came only 30 minutes to the said event. He did not give me sick-offs; even in moments of pain, I had to serve him.

Mwarabu, Mobetto and Diamond [Photo: Courtesy]

“In some instances, my salaries delayed. In certain occasions, my salary would not be remitted in full because ‘I was late for work’. It is Diamond, who made those deductions. I remember one day being told that my salary fell short of the contractually agreed amount by Tsh150, 000 because I was late for work by a few minutes,” said the bodyguard.

Upon starting his own company, Mwarabu Security Services, he was hired by Tanzanian actress and film director Irene Uwoya.

“My current client [Uwoya] and I agree on the contract terms binding us. Where I worked previously , my bosses set the terms for me; I had no say. They’d tell me: ‘Tomorrow we’ll be going to this and this place’. I couldn’t object, or do other money-making engagements on the side,” he added.

It is not clear if he still works for Uwoya.