Why you could be arrested for possessing Alvindo’s ‘Takataka’ song

KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua.

The Kenya Film Classification Board has banned ‘Takataka’, a song by upcoming artiste, Alvindo just days after garnering a million views on YouTube.

According to a statement by KFCB, the decision was informed by the song’s “degrading lyrics that advocate for violence against women by equating them to trash.”

Banned from entertainment joints

“Broadcasting, exhibition, distribution (including online) or possession of this song is, therefore, a criminal offense.

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“Moving forward, the song should not be performed live or broadcast anywhere within the Republic of Kenya. No DJ should play the song either on broadcast station or in entertainment joints,” the statement read.

KFCB further attributed the rise in murders of young of women to the song’s lyrics.

“The country has witnessed heart-breaking reports of senseless killings of young women by their lovers. It is regrettable that such incidences are fanned to flame by media content such as the song Takataka…

“Lyrics such as:
Nakuroga unakufa....
Roho chafu kama ya shetani...
Nakuja kwa mazishi yako kukula na kukunywa nikucheke ukizikwa...
are primitive and abuse our sensibilities as a people and cannot be condoned.”

Alvindo summoned


KFCB further issued a summon notice for Alvindo to appear before the board within 14 days failure to which, criminal proceedings will be instituted against him.

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“The board will proceed to institute criminal proceedings against the artist in 14 days if he fails to respond to our summons for a meeting where he can be accompanied by his lawyer.

Stifling creativity?

Reacting to news of the ban, Fast Cash Music Group proprietor and singer KRG The Don termed the move ‘the best joke I have seen today.’


“How can someone say that the ‘Taka Taka’ song advocates for violence against women SMH. When did a joke become so important to some people yet Kenya as a nation we have so many problems that need that attention right now!

This is a big let-down to the industry at large for giving such big positions to negative minded people who do nothing to make our industry better than yesterday’s.

“In fact they don’t even know what the artists go through just to produce even a single audio track! Anyways we shall continue to produce music regardless of what they do or say. Art is Art and no one can stop it....” said KRG.

Alvindo reacts

A seemingly distressed Alvindo also took to social media following the ban writing, “leo ngoma yangu imebaniwa,” accompanied by weeping face emojis.

In a similar move, KFCB banned ‘Rafiki,’ a movie on two teenage girls who develop a romantic relationship for promoting lesbianism.

Upon lifting of the ban by the High Court, tickets sold out Kenyans thronged cinemas to watch the film.

Kenyans have in the past questioned KFCB’s mandate, with some opining that the body lacks clear-set boundaries.