Campus boys, learn to take 'No' for an answer

Move on, you will always meet somebody else along the way: probably someone better for you.

I'm writing this the morning after the tragic news of the brutal murder of a final year Medicine student at Moi University, Eldoret. The girl was hacked to death using an axe as she left the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

According to police reports, her attacker travelled all the way from Thika and killed her. He tried to flee but was intercepted by bodaboda operators who beat him to a pulp.

A lot of theories have been doing rounds online as to why this man went to such great lengths to end that young girl's life. Some even suggested that the two were in a relationship before the girl cheated with an older man, contracted AIDS and infected the man.

A classmate and close friend of hers, however, came out to debunk this theory saying the girl was merely the victim of a stalker who refused to take 'No' for an answer.

In a long open letter, the classmate, who had been in class with her for six years - says that the deceased indeed knew her attacker from a young age but that she constantly declined his romance advances because "he was not her type".

It is ridiculous the lengths at which boys our age are willing to go just because of love. For the longest time, we read tonnes of stories about campus boys committing suicide in their tiny rooms and leaving behind notes citing the reason as being left by their girlfriends.

Boys with bright futures waiting for them choosing to end their lives because of one person in a world full of hundreds of millions of others.

Lately, however, the trend has been different: they are now resorting to murder. A while back I read the story of a male student from a university in Central Kenya who doused his girlfriend in petrol in her room, lit her up and shut the door - leaving her to burn to death - all because she said she wanted a break from the relationship.

Even older men are killing campus girls because they allegedly paid their school fee but they refused to be with them.

All these start from the little things we do when we hit on a girl and they say 'No'. You know, hurling insults, body shaming them, making unsolicited sexually derogatory remarks and whatnot.

Listen, campus guys: A 'No' from that girl you think you're meant to be with cannot be the end of the world. Take it in stride and move on, you will always meet somebody else along the way: probably someone better for you.

Don't tie a noose around your neck or kill someone just because they turned you down. That's childish, immature, and straight up bananas. Grow the hell up!