Juja residents protest rising number of gays and their PDA

"We will not allow a few people to paint this area in bad light"

Residents of Juja Estate in Kiambu are up in arms, following increased cases of homosexuality in the area.

Reportedly, the number of men believed to engage in same sex relationships is on the rise, with many shamelessly engaging in public display of affection (PDA). So serious is the matter that the Deputy County Commissioner Charles Mureithi has put on notice those practicing homosexuality in the area.

Residents say Darasha area, about 10 kilometres East of Juja town, is notorious for the behaviour, with gay men often engaging in public displays of affection.

“We are investigating claims of increase in homosexuals. We will not allow a few people to paint this area in bad light,” said Mureithi.

The DCC said the country does not recognise gays, warning that anyone found will be arrested and dealt with according to the law. This comes after residents complained over increased number of gay men in the remote part of the sub county, some who are living as couples.

Speaking during a security meeting, residents said they were scared that if the practice is not stopped, young boys would be lured into it.

Pastor Jackson Njoroge of the Empowering People Gods Ministry said despite holding meetings with youth in the area, the behaviour is still common.

“The practice is gaining prominence as more and more men are being lured into the act. We fear that we might lose an entire generation because who shall marry our young girls when our men concentrate on marrying each other. The government and the church should intervene,” he said.