VIDEO: Knowledgeable civilian tells of cop ‘harassing’ driver

“What offence has he (the driver) committed?”

An undated video of a civilian telling off a traffic officer ‘harassing’ his driver has emerged.

Shared by Radio Maisha’s Mate Tongola, the video recorded along Mombasa depicts the officer on a motorcycle being accosted by the civilian.

“What offence has he (the driver) committed?” the man poses, before informing the officer that he’s recording the incident.

“I don’t understand why you can’t give him a ticket right now,” the man adds as the officer alights from his motorcycle.

The officer then accuses the duo of trying to intimidate him before moving towards the driver.

“Don’t touch him, do not touch him!” the man with an Indian accent warns the cop before instructing the driver to go back to the office.

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The cop then heads for the vehicle before attempting to open the passenger door.

“You cannot enter my car. You are not allowed by law to enter my car,” the man tells off the officer before taking the car keys.

“He can go with your (driver’s) license, we will deal with it later. Nobody is moving my car.”

He then proceeds to open the National Transport and Safety Authority’s (NTSA) portal before asking the officer to point out what offence the driver had committed.

The officer, who then seems to be at a loss for words fishes out his phone and records the man before getting back on his bike.

“You think you’re in a position of power so you’re intimidating me.

“You will bring back his (driving) license,” said the man as the officer rides away.

It’s not yet clear why the cop pulled over the driver.