Sad: Steven Kanumba’s mother faints at his grave on actor's death anniversary

The late Steven Kanumba and his mother Flora Mtegoa.

Flora Mtegoa, mother to famed Tanzania actor Steven Kanumba fainted at his grave during his seven year death anniversary.

The actor passed on April 7, 2012 after falling at his home in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking to Risasi Jumamosi, Mtegoa revealed that she swooned after getting emotional and crying following an upcoming artiste’s tribute to Kuanumba.

“I swore to never cry again, but as the young man sang, I was unable to stop myself. I cried till I fainted,” she said.

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“I thank God for the long life he’s given me as I get the chance to pray for my son to continue resting in peace,” she added.

Forgiving son’s killer

Steven Kanumba’s Mother sheds tears as Nollywood star Ramsey Nouah visited her son’s grave in 2017.

In November 2017, Elizabeth Michael alias Lulu who was Kanumba’s girlfriend at the time was sentenced to two years in prison by a Dar es Salaam court for his death.

The court found Lulu guilty after it was determined that she was the last person to leave the deceased’s house on the day of his death.

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After appealing the judgement, Lulu was allowed to serve the remaining term outside prison as community service, a move that did not sit well with Kanumba’s mother. She said Lulu should have been locked for at least a year before being released.

Lulu with Kanumba's mother.

Later, speaking to EATV, Mtegoa said that she had forgiven Lulu.

“I don’t hate Lulu. My only focus is praying to God for justice; he judges both the rich and the poor equally,” she said.