Belt up- Boniface Mwangi as family escapes bad accident unscathed

The overturned Toyota Landcruiser.

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi’s family was yesterday involved in a bad accident along the Namanga-Amboseli road at Lorubuko.

Mwangi, who was travelling with his wife and three children revealed that the car skidded on loose gravel before losing control and flipping.

Terming the incident as ‘very scary’, Mwangi revealed that they sustained minor injuries, thanks to their safety belts.

“Thank you all for the kind messages. We are fine. The car lost control, we got off the road, cleared bushes and then the car flipped.

Mwangi's family with their Maasai rescuers.

“When all that very scary experience stopped, all five of us were still belted and in our seats, upside down. Safety belts are lifesavers. Belt up,” he wrote.

Mwangi also shared photos of the overturned, green Toyota Landcruiser while thanking Serena Hotels for swiftly responding and sending a vehicle to rescue them.