I killed my wife after catching her in bed with secret lover- Watchman

"I arrived earlier than the other days, and found my wife in bed with another man who attacked me with a panga"

A probation report presented in court shows that a 60-year-old watchman found guilty of killing his wife admitted and justified the murder.

Joseph Kibet Kirui said he found his wife, Jane Chepkemoi, with another man in their matrimonial bed on June 21, 2012, at Nyahururu within Nakuru County.

“I recall the day well, I was from work as usual but that day I arrived earlier than the other days, and found my wife in bed with another man who attacked me with a panga. I retaliated to defend myself, suddenly I hit her with a panga, little did I know that she was dead,” said Kirui.

However, the probation report presented in court indicated that area residents rubbished his claims and insisted that Chepkemoi was known to be faithful to her husband.

“From the community point of view, his story does not add up. Prior to committing the offence, the accused had been seen sharpening (the) panga he used killed his wife at the local trading centre,” read report.

The report further said that the couple were experiencing financial hardships and had some disagreement but it could not have triggered the incident.

The couple had been married for 29 years and had 11 children. The probation officer, Rhoda Kahugi, said that the account accused gave of events was not corroborated during the social inquiry.

“I can conclude that he is continuing to lie to protect himself despite having been found guilty,” she said.

The report further says that the children of the accused were affected by what happened and have vowed never to visit their father in prison.

In mitigation, Kirui told the court that he was remorseful and sought to be released, saying that he has been in remand for seven years since the day he was arrested.

“I am old and sick suffering from tuberculosis, my health is deteriorating praying for court to consider the time (I) have been in custody and replace it with non-custodial sentencing,” Kurui pleaded.

The probation officer, however, recommended for a custodial sentence. The sentencing is scheduled for April 30.