DP Ruto should prepare for nasty fight, it’s getting dirty

Ruto is a man under just such a siege. He has nowhere to run but wait for the fight of his lifetime.

Back in the day, when Kenyans were a provincial, poorly exposed people just emerging from what was effectively the Stone Age, artists sought to portray the powerlessness of the ordinary person when assailed by fate and bad fortune, buffeted by ill winds on all sides.

One memorable painting in this genre had some poor luckless guy halfway up a half-cut and falling tree. Behind him, a lion closes in. Ahead of him, a raging river stretches and the tree is falling into that river. In the frothing waters of the river, a hungry crocodile awaits.

And, just to make matters worse, the man has to dodge a venomous snake that is slithering towards him from the tree branches above him. Sometimes, nature herself wants to ‘finish’ you, and there’s no place to turn.

Dr William Ruto is a man under just such a siege. He has nowhere to run but wait for the fight of his lifetime.

Dr Ruto is many things to many people, but no one can deny the man’s determination to rise up, phoenix-like, from whatever unsuitable cards fate deals him. As Agriculture Minister under the post-2007 Kibaki government, Ruto famously fell out with his then boss, the then Prime Minister and now handshake partner, Raila Odinga.

The former PM is a formidable enemy to make, though, and Dr Ruto appears to have angered Mr Odinga so much that, even though the former PM is known to readily and genuinely forgive his enemies, it appears there will not be a reconciliation between the two.

That would not be a big deal, were it not for the pesky handshake between President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga. When those two kissed and made up, Dr Ruto was not only not invited, he was not even informed that the rapprochement was going to happen. Nairobi villagers claim the Deputy President found out about the kiss-and-make-up from TV news, as did the rest of Kenya. His relationship with the president has never recovered.

Which brings us to the circus currently underway. His enemies are ganging up. There are those allegedly plotting to impeach Dr Ruto and kick him out of the deputy presidency. Others are busy fomenting chaos online, painting the Deputy President as a corrupt, ineffective tribal animal bent on taking Kenya back to the dictatorial old days.

Raila and those desperate for the presidency must work hard to beat Ruto at the ballot. All these underhand tactics like attempting to impeach him or blocking him from running for office have dangerous ramifications, especially in the Rift Valley.

But we know how that movie script would proceed from then on. ODM would be convinced to help rewrite the constitution, possibly to do away with term limits so Uhuru could stay on as president or come in in another capacity. But wait...the politics of blocking someone from the presidency....haven’t we watched that movie before, Kenya? And how nasty and bloody it turns?

Dr Ruto, they are coming for you. Pole sana, Mkubwa. Maisha huwa hivyo.