Today I bring you home – Nancy Wanjiru pays moving tribute to late son Patrick Hinga

Nancy Wanjiru (top left). Patrick Hinga and Wanja Mwaura [Photo: Courtesy]

Patrick Hinga, the man who captivated the nation with his transformation as he battled drug addiction over the years was on Friday, March 22, laid to rest in Ruai.

Speaking at the burial, Hinga’s mother Nancy Wanjiru paid a glowing tribute to her late son as a steadfast man who tried his all to break free from the shackles of addiction.

Patrick Hinga when he was a kid with his mother [Photo: Wilberforce Okwiri]

Wanjiru told mourners that her son was finally rested after years of roaming the streets, stints in rehab and hospitals.  

“Today I bring you home. No more going to Kayole, Mwiki to Wangige. No more street boy, no more Mathari hospital, no more rehabs, no more drugs, no more whispers, and finger-pointing. You will be home, your home, where we all wanted you to be with your family, God bless you. God help us in achieving the goal of erecting a house here so that I will be seeing your grave daily. I love you Hinga and I’ll miss you dearly,” said Wanjiru

Nancy Wanjiru (in red). Patrick Hinga (Right) [Photo: Courtesy]

She thanked everyone who stood by her son and family.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during that trying time we had over the passing on of Hinga. Thank you all for standing with me on this. Many of you are asking what really happened and I think this tribute his mother gave answers to most of your questions if not all. Take time n Listen to it. God bless u all,” she added.

[Photo: Courtesy]

According to Wanja Mwaura, Hinga’s rescuer and friend, with whom his story got nationwide attention, the deceased died of stomach complications.

“On Thursday the 14th, Hinga left home and went to visit his friends in Kayole, upon reaching there he called his mom and complained of a stomach-ache though not serious, he spent the night there and said he will be ok. On Saturday late night the problem persisted and that's when he decided to go to the hospital but by the time the mother got to him early morning yesterday, he had already passed on,” she posted on Facebook.

Patrick Hinga and Wanja Mwaura [Photo: Courtesy]

Patrick Hinga's mother narrated to Sunday Magazine in 2018 that things went south when Hinga was in Form two.

“By the time he reached Form Two, he was a totally different child. I couldn’t even speak to him on my own because he would get aggressive. Whenever I got any reports from school or otherwise I always waited for my husband to come home so we could ask him together.

“In Form Three he became strange, he wasn’t eating at all and started displaying antisocial behaviours. We would find him sitting alone in front of a switched off TV laughing. When we asked him about it, he would say; can’t you see these funny people?

Patrick Hinga and Wanja Mwaura [Photo: Courtesy]

“He wouldn’t even write his name when asked to, he didn’t respond verbally or otherwise to his teachers - he would just sit there.

“We have been in and out of the hospital almost 8 times and he is even quite well known in ward five (Mathari Hospital). They would discharge him, and he would be alright for a week. Other times he would simply run away from the hospital because he knew it well enough.”