I am done with marriage - Diamond Platnumz's elder sister

Esma [Photo: Courtesy]

Diamond Platnumz's elder sister Esma Khan is done with marriage.

According to Ijumaa Wikienda, the gorgeous mother of two is no longer interested in getting hitched because there is no true love in the world anymore.

Esma narrated that she does not want anything to do with marriage and anyone declaring love for her is wasting their breath.

“Kwa lugha nyepesi, sitaki kusikia wala sihitaji tena ndoa. Hata mtu akija akasema anataka kunioa, nitajua ni walewale tu kwani mapenzi ya dhati siku hizi hakuna,” Esma was quoted saying.

Born of the same mother to Diamond but from a different father, Esma split from her husband, popular Bongo Flava manager Petit Man, over a year ago.

The two reportedly parted ways over cheating.

In 2018, Esma via an interview with Wasafi Tv’s Refresh programme claimed that she took her lamentations over their marriage to Petit's mother before eventually calling it quits.

Esma with Petit [Photo: Courtesy]

She went further to disclose the qualities of a potential lover she would be interested in.

“Kwanza  mwanaume ambaye namuhitaji ni mwanaume gentleman anayejielewa, mwenye kazi yake nzuri, Awe sio mtu wa drama na Instagram yaani Awe yule mwanaume ambaye yuko straight tunapanga kufanya kitu fulani tunafanya yaani in short nataka mwanaume anayejielewaa kama mimi mwenyewe,” said Esma.

Just three months ago, the beauty was gloating on social media that she had found a man.

“My heart, my happiness, my love you have left me love-struck and I feel like the two of us are the only ones in the world,” she gushed.

In May 2018, the businesswoman was arrested in Dar es Salaam by Tanzanian Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) for selling banned cosmetic products.