Student in viral assault video threatens to commit suicide as DCI takes up matter

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A viral assault incident involving a Technical University of Mombasa student has been taken up by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

According to a tweet by the DCI, the victim, identified as Alloys who was beaten senselessly by three colleagues, has been urged to make a formal complaint in order to ensure justice is done.

“Good evening @Onsombi. Kindly advise the victim to make a formal report at his nearest Police Station & then share the OB number with us. We will ensure that Justice is served. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention,” posted the DCI.

Alloys was accosted, overpowered and assaulted by the trio over claims he kissed a girl dating one of the attackers identified by the public as Cedric.

In a new twist, however, Cedric is now reportedly suicidal and wants to take his own life over the matter for fear of going to jail, according to one Twitter user, Maina Njoki.

Njoki posted a series of WhatsApp screenshots alleged to have been made by Cedric where he bids his family farewell and shares that “no mortuary attendant should touch a strand of his hair.”

“Y'all remember Cedric, the Technical University of Mombasa student who brutally beat up Alloys for kissing his gf. Well, apparently he's busy now posting disturbing WhatsApp statuses vowing to commit suicide since he don't wanna go to jail at 17!!!” Wrote Njoki on Twitter.

[Photo: Courtesy]
[Photo: Courtesy]

A second attacker was identified as Chinga.