Socialite Bridget Achieng in mourning, loses mother

Bridget Achieng (Right) and her mother [Photo: Courtesy]

Nairobi Diaries star Bridget Achieng is in mourning.

Achieng is grieving the passing of her mother barely two months after she gave birth to a grandson, baby Sekani Rich Opeyemii.

She posted on Instagram that it was like her mother was waiting to see her son before dying.

''It is with deep sorrow and extensive heartache that I must accept the will of God. Dear Mama, Rest in Power. Truly heavy news to me and my family. Love you Mama Queen of my Heart. It is well, mum is like you were waiting to just see Sekani?'' Posted Achieng.

Three weeks ago, the socialite revealed that she underwent a lot of anguish before giving birth to her son.

In an emotional video post, Achieng narrated her ordeal saying that she felt depressed as the pregnancy clocked five months.

She narrated that it took the depression to decide that she had to be strong for her unborn child.

Despite it all, the voluptuous socialite disclosed that she named her new-born after his father despite his vanishing act three months into the pregnancy.

I have given him Sekani which means Joy, Rich you know what it means and Opeyemii because that is his father’s native name. I know many people are gonna ask why did you give him your baby daddy’s name, but he is a boy and he has to go to his roots someday.

“Like I said, my baby will know everything, I will teach him everything, I will show him how the world is, and I will not for one day coat anything. I will tell him my past, my present and my future and he will be my best friend,” she said.