‘Mafirifiri’ Nairobi MCA among officials suspended from County Assembly


Nominated MCA Mary Njambi (third left)

Nominated Nairobi MCA Mary Njambi is among four MCA’s suspended from the County Assembly from what is termed as gross misconduct.

The three namely; Mary Njambi, Nancy Muthami and Laura Mwende have been suspended for 10 days and Mary Arivitsa for 21 days.

The four appeared before the, the Power and Privileges Committee in September 2018 to record statements following the fracas that occurred during Beatrice Elachi’s forceful impeachment at city hall.

In a report passed by the county assembly on 20 February, the Power and Privileges Committee suggested a just punishment for the named parties which resulted in their suspension.

Prior to the confrontation, Waithaka MCA Anthony Karanja had filed a notice of motion to impeach the speaker.

Close to 103 MCA’s voted in favour of this motion.

Nominated MCA Mary Njambi circled


Ms. Elachi on the other hand was not going down without a fight. She was armed with a pepper spray that she used on the MCA’s who stormed her office demanding she vacates.

Mary Njambi allegedly led other members of the assembly who stormed the speaker’s office but denied being under the influence of alcohol during the ordeal.

The then Speaker, Beatrice Elachi was accused of several counts of abuse of office, misappropriation of funds being the core claim.