VIDEO: Eric Omondi releases parody, pokes fun at Akothee

Omondi and Akothee [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has released a parody poking fun at Akothee’s weekend antics on stage at Papa Remo Beach Party in Watamu.

Dressed in an all-white costume with marching knee-high snow boots, Omondi has taken Akothee challenge a notch higher with an entertaining piece dubbed Kol Polis.

In Kol Polis, Omondi is seen sandwiched between several men who are dressed in black akin to security spotted by Akothee.

The difference here, is, however, glaringly visible.

Omondi’s team is captured marching out of a toilet menacingly while the comedian who is on phone is daring a person on the other end to call the police.

A direct reference to Akothee’s sentiments soon after her raunchy Watamu photos went viral.

Omondi even manages to pull some summersaults and spread his legs wide just like the rich singer did at Watamu.

Akothee seems to have loved it too, “Wacha niende hivi nitarudi #kolposi Eric Omondi wakiita polisi call me,” she commented.

Early today, Nairobi Women representative Esther Passaris demanded an apology from the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) chair, Ezekiel Mutua, over his comments on the saga.

Speaking to KTN’s Morning Express host Michael Gitonga, Passaris said that Mutua’s comments were uncalled for and he overstepped his boundaries.

“I think Ezekiel you owe her an apology because you insulted her and called her demonic. You know she has a following and she didn’t do it in a school compound or for underage children.

"I think you are overstepping your boundaries in trying to tell us how we should live, be, think, see and behave. Regulate what you need to regulate for our children. I hope the courts will let us watch “Rafiki” because I’d like to watch it. We should stop wearing blinders,” said Passaris