VIDEO: PR officer collapses and dies right after press briefing

The late Glory Mziray.

A Public Relations officer suddenly passed away while addressing a press conference on Tuesday evening.

Glory Mziray, who worked for the Tanzania Forestry Services (TFS) excused herself towards the end of her address saying she was feeling unwell.

According to journalists and government officials present at the event, Mziray started off her address speaking well but her condition deteriorated towards the end.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctors pronounce her dead.

"She started to become unconscious as she was taking questions from reporters and we were forced to take her out of the room so that she could get fresh air,” a reporter present at the press conference told The Citizen.

According to a doctor at the facility where she was rushed, reports from the deceased’s relatives indicate she was suffering from blood pressure.

Her sudden death comes shortly after Kenyan radio host Betty Opondo lost her son in unclear circumstances.

According to Betty, her son Tevin suddenly collapsed and died while watching TV, remote in hand.