Popular Akorino model Pesh apologises over viral swim suit photos


Famous Akorino model, Pesh, has issued an apology after she posted pictures of herself in a swim suit.

Through a post on her social media page, Pesh stated that she is sorry to anyone who felt offended by her viral swim suit photos.

“I would like to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by any images posted on my social media pages. I believe that people can express themselves in very many ways and still have their morals intact,” said Pesh.



Pesh in the pool

The model known for her modesty went ahead to explain and apologise for her “innocent” pictures.

A few days ago the stylish model was talk on social media after she posted pictures of herself in a low neck swim suit which triggered different reactions from her followers.

Some of her fans were not here for it with many bashing her that the shoot was a ‘disgrace to her faith.’

Others, however, complimented her saying she has the right to express herself and post whatever she is comfortable with.

@Timo_Utd You shouldn't have to apologize to anyone for being you. This is your life and you should be enjoying it. Don't let how you live it be dictated by people's opinions.

Phyllis [email protected] You owe nobody an apology for doing what you  feel is right and like!

[email protected] Apologies rejected! Grow some skin Pesh. You'll find yourself apologizing for being on Twitter!