Olive branch? Khaligraph hypes Octopizzo’s new song

Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones.

It seems like rapper Khaligraph Jones is living up to the spirit of playing Kenyan music after hyping Octopizzo’s latest release, Babylon.

The two rappers have not been seeing eye to eye in the past and have even dissed each other in numerous tracks. But all that might be in the past after Khaligraph’s latest move, viewed by some as extending the olive branch.

Taking to social media, Khaligraph urged his followers to watch “Babylon” on YouTube while referring to Octoppizo as ‘King’, a tittle which was a bone of contention among Kenyan rappers a while back.  

Khali also hinted that Octopizzo’s fans have been sending him direct messages, urging the “Beat It” rapper to share Octopizzo’s music.

“Ala, kumbe Pizzo de King and you know it ameangusha moto leo?

Champ anatrap Ki Migos, watch it right now on YouTube. Mafan wa Octo ndio iyo nimeshare, msinimalize kwa Dms aki,” stated Khali.

King Kaka defends Octopizzo

In January, rapper King Kaka came to Octopizzo’s defense after he was linked to the murder of university student Kenneth Abom.

Through a tweet, King Kaka, urged Kenyans not to judge Octo but instead, wait for the outcome of investigations into Abom’s death.

“Let’s not be quick to Judge @OCTOPIZZO .We wait for investigations,” wrote the Kaka Empire head honcho.

Could this be a sign that Kenyan musicians are uniting?