4 ways Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Center has revolutionized events in Kenya

The Michael Joseph Centre.

Ever since Safaricom officially opened the Michael Joseph Centre at Safaricom House in 2008 specifically for activities, events and exhibitions, the Nairobi community has been nothing but grateful for the space provided.

Getting a spacious, well-equipped, pocket-friendly and accessible venue in Nairobi has been one of the toughest things organizers in the city have always had to hustle their way through.

Located on the ground floor of the HQ2 Safaricom Building, the Centre is easily accessible through its own separate entry. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and has really helped entrepreneurs, entertainers and speakers grow their businesses.

Here are four ways the center has revolutionized events in Kenya.

  1. Hustle free and easily accessible space

Sometimes you might have the money but landing a venue in Nairobi might still look impossible. Getting a venue in most cases has been reduced to a hectic procedure that requires a lot of back and forth.

The Michael Joseph Center however, has eliminated all this and all you need is just to fill a very short form online to book the venue.

Located on the ground floor of the HQ2 Safaricom building, off Waiyaki Way, the center is open to all Safaricom staff, business clients and the general public. Admission is free; all you need is to make a booking.

  1. Doesn’t discriminate

While some venues require a certain caliber of speakers, artists or guests foe their booking, the center is open to all who would like to hold their event at the location.

The Michael Joseph Centre.
  1. Platform to exchange ideas

The venue is just not about hosting events but has also has encouraged budding entertainers and entrepreneurs to interact and exchange ideas.

The space has been used for talks and forums which have proven to be important to young people’s careers.

The Michael Joseph Centre.
  1. Security, organization and order

Nothing makes clients happier than a well-managed, clean and secured venue. Its true crowds can be unmanageable at times but using the center, extra security or equipment is provided so all you need at the end of the day is show up.

This makes organizing the event so easy.

The Michael Joseph Centre.

Start planning for your event by filling the form here https://www.safaricom.co.ke/michaeljosephcentre/use-mjc/