11 lies men tell their girlfriends to avoid Valentine’s Day

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The month of love is here. As true lovers are looking forward to spoiling their soulmates with candy bars, flowers and sweet-nothings, others are busy scheming ways of evading this day set for lovers for various reasons; from double dates to financial issues.

Here are some of the not so popular excuses Pulsers give to avoid a date on Valentine’s Day.

Fake you are sick: There’s no way anyone will go out on a date when they are unwell, be it flu or a heart attack like DK Kwenye Beat’s.

There is no romance in sickness. So when she calls, just tell her you are in a bad state of health and you will talk later. That way, Valentine’s Day date can be avoided.

I will be working late: Probably the most common excuse given globally. Without a doubt, when the boss says you have to work extra hours, not even your lover can convince you otherwise. You don’t want to lose your job because of love.

I have a surprise for you: Being random can be pretty exciting for lovers as opposed to following the rules. Be different, celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day…like wait till weekend comes. We all know that this will never happen.

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I was arrested with no bail: There is nothing as inconveniencing as being arrested by a power tripping officer who denies you bail. All your plans are smashed to smithereens. Put your phone off and disappear from the house because she could be planning to make a surprise visit. Arrest will come through for you.

I will send you M-Pesa: Nothing soothes and warms the heart like money. It is the healer of all sorts of pain. With a promise of Mpesa, you will definitely be forgiven. That way, this guy can avoid double Valentine’s dates and focus on the other one.

I’m mourning a close friend: The ‘demise’ of a friend can be devastating. So devastating that you me need some ‘me’ time to come to terms with the pain. So decide to kill a shadow. 

I have to visit my parents: It is a known policy between lovers; parents come first. No person or event should come in between your parents and when they call to be visited, you heed without question. Just tell her there was something you had to rush to ‘shagz’ for, a serious meeting with mum…It could even be one to arrange for her wedding.

Valentine’s Day should be everyday: What better excuse to give to your mate than you love celebrating their love every other day not just on one day the whole year? Cliché.

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I don’t even celebrate my birthday: Some lovers just don’t like holding parties or going to dinner. Telling your partner that you think Valentine’s Day is overrated for no apparent reason. Though it seldom works, it’s worth giving a try.

I lost my ATM and identification cards: It’s one thing to be broke, but it’s completely different when you have money you cannot access it because you luck proper documentation. There’s nothing to smile about.

Pick up an irreconcilable fight: It’s the ultimate date-breaker. After a fight couples may take some time out without communication. Voila!