Man who ‘resurrected’ dies

Hirpha Negero woke up inside his coffin in November shortly before being buried.

An Ethiopian man who ‘resurrected’ during his burial two months ago is dead.

Hirpha Negero was confirmed dead in November 2018 and was put inside a coffin for five hours. However, during his burial the mourners heard him knocking on the coffin.

Speaking to BBC at the time, Negero narrated his experience.

“I heard someone crying. I felt like I was running out breathe and tried getting myself out of the situation. I was so weak I couldn’t even talk,” he said.

According to grave digger Etana Kena, the mourners were so shocked by the incident they all ran away, leaving behind Negero to open the casket for himself.

Kena, who is related to Negero said that he’s never witnessed such an incident before.

“I have buried between 50-60 bodies but I have never witnessed such an incident. He seemed dead.”

Negero stated that he saw “a very beautiful place” when unconscious and that a man in white told him to “go back home.”

Negero was laid to rest by Kena on Thursday, a day after passing away.

“This time round I was sure he was dead as I witnessed how he ailed for a long time,” said the grave digger.

However, according to a medical practitioner, Negero could have slipped into a deep coma the first time he ‘died’.

Mama Rosa

This comes just a few weeks after Rosa Chepochesau Samson, the woman allegedly resurrected by Pastor David Owuor was buried in Talau village, West Pokot.

Mama Rosa, as she preferred to be called, had lived an ordinary life until June 2017 when the news of her “death and resurrection” spread like wildfire.

Rosa Chepochesau Samson and preacher David Owuor.

Thousands of followers of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, which is led by David Owuor, a self-professed prophet, travelled from all corners of the country to Cheparten village in South Pokot to witness this “miracle”.

Cynics hover dismissed her alleged resurrection as a gimmick.