Girlfriend makes partner wear shirt with a photo of her face on it

Holly Cockerill grins at Karl Hennan after making him wear the top.

A girlfriend has made her man wear a T-shirt with a photo of her face on it - in an "ingenious" way to stop others flirting with him.

Holly Cockerill, 24, got the top for boyfriend Karl Hennan and has shared snaps of it online.

The top has a warning to other women, which reads: "If your(sic) reading this you've been looking at my man for too long. And this is how I'd be looking at you if I was here. Hi I'm Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!"

Manchester Evening News reports how Holly's tweet about the decision has been shared thousands of times.

In the tweet, Holly, of Blackburn, Lancashire, wrote: "Don’t think Karl likes his new top I got him for his birthday x wear it with pride hun x."

And her followers have loved the shirt.

"Karl, blink twice if you’re being held against your will," wrote one user.

"This is just ingenious," wrote another user.

Jefe replied: "Karl looks like he wants to cry."

Others encouraged Karl to go out with the top on.

The 24-year-old created the shirt to warn other women.

Even hapless Karl, understood to be a sales executive, joined in on the fun online, tweeting: "babe I really don't wanna wear this stupid f****** top tonight can I take the thing off?"

But Holly shot him straight down, replying: "No you best keep it on at all times, even around ya family you little b****."

Holly was overwhelmed by the response to her initial tweet, pointing out the fact that the whole thing was just light-hearted banter.

Taking to twitter a couple of hours later, she said: "I can’t cope with the responses to the top I got my bf.

"It’s called a joke because me and my boyfriend actually like to have a laugh, it’ll be in the bin after knowing him."