Joy as an hour-old baby is rescued from pit latrine

[Photo: Courtesy]

Locals at Mwingoni village in Voi sub-county were left in shock after an hour-old baby was rescued from a pit latrine alive last Wednesday.

The teenage mother gave is said to have given birth by herself at night while her husband was a way watching football.

But for reasons unknown, she went and threw the baby in a pit latrine and vanished.

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Passers-by heard faint cries from the latrine upon investigating, found that it was a new-born baby.

Coincidentally, immediately after the incident, the woman is believed to have sent a text message to her husband, confessing what she had done.

The panic-stricken man arrived when locals were trying to retrieve the baby from the toilet. The baby was washed and warmed before being taken to hospital for further medication.

“The boy was covered in human waste but he was alive. He had his umbilical cord cut but not tied. He was so still we thought he was dead but when he cried, everyone shouted with joy,” said Wambua, a local.

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Police are investigating the woman and her husband.