Staunch DP Ruto man’s silence raises eyebrows

DP William Ruto.

Has a top Jubilee politician switched camps within the ruling coalition?

The vocal man, who never missed opportunity to hit at those opposed to Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid, has an unusually remained quiet at the backdrop of unending political wrangles threatening his boss’s ambitions.

Some political pundits are now questioning the whether the man is still committed in backing the DP or he has quietly abandoned him over perception that those allied to the second most powerful man was targeted by powerful forces within the government.

Or has he decided to keep a low profile and monitor how the handshake will shape the country’s political landscape?

Sh1 million bribe claim rocks ODM top committee

Elsewhere, did a senior member of ODM Disciplinary Committee solicit for Sh1 million from one of the Coast MPs expelled from the party last week for a favourable report?

Our sources within the party’s National Executive Council have whispered to The Grapevine how Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa caused a scene during the meeting by claiming that one of the committee members demanded for the amount to help her out of the political tribulations.

The MP was, however, dismissed by the council for engaging in sideshows as she could not provide evidence of extortion.