Dj Pinye apologizes to artists who feel he curtailed their careers

Pinye [Photo: Courtesy]

Veteran spin master Peter Chuani better known as Dj Pinye has apologized to artists who feel he curtailed their careers.

Through as a series of Instagram posts, Dj Pinye stated that he has in retrospect analysed the impact he made on other people’s lives.

He wrote that he is sorry for those of the view that he derailed their careers but was not apologetic for demanding high standards in the industry.

“On my bdays, I usually reflect on a lot of things about my life. Today, am thinking about my impact. My impact on other people's lives specifically those in the music industry. One thing is clear, I am aware of my influence. I apologise to those who feel I played a part in derailing their music career. But I am not apologetic for the values and standards I uphold for our music industry,” wrote Pinye.

The Dj cum producer was on the firing line late last year over his comments at NRG radio that there are artists whose music he did not play back in the day for being mediocre.

He listed Khaligraph Jones and DNA as among the artists while at the same time adding that he cannot play Lamba Lolo or New Position by Ethic.

“There are artists whose music I did not play back in the days, including Khaligraph and DNA, but their careers have grown… I cannot play Lamba Lolo or New Position. DJs shouldn’t play mediocre music,” said DJ Pinye.