Mojo Morgan weighs in on Olympic High saga, says Rastafarian incident unfortunate

Mojo and the Olympic Rastafarian girl [Photo: David Gichuru]

Mojo Morgan of the famed Grammy award winning group Morgan Heritage has weighed in on the controversy that surrounded the admission of a Rastafarian girl to Olympic High School, Nairobi, early this month.

In an exclusive interview with SDE, Mojo said that the incident did not make any sense.

“How does dreadlocks prevent her from going to school? It doesn’t make sense to me. It is 2019. It doesn’t have spiritual meaning to most people that have dreadlocks.

"But I and I, you know, you don’t have to have dreadlocks to be Rasta. You don’t know, maybe the image of dreadlocks, but at the end of the day it’s just a hairstyle.

“But, if there are rules, bylaws or culture or whatever it is that govern the school and you can’t have long hair then that is different,” said Morgan.

While on the subject, the River Nile hit maker added that he was saddened by the 14 Riverside Complex attack having jetted into the country just a day to the incident.

He said that Kenyans must rise above all forms of hate and unite against terrorism,

“I was in New York when the World Trade centre went down in 9/11, it is horrifying but Kenyans must rise,” said Morgan.

Mojo and Anyiko [Photo: David Gichuru]

Speaking on his experience at the Maasai Mara where he was on set for the “Pay Attention” video alongside his group and Nigerian star Pantoranking, Gramps said it was out of this world.

“You saw me touch the lion? I had no fear, you know me a Rastaman," he said amidst a hearty laugh.   

The Form One Student was sent home on January 10 with instructions from the school to shave or stay out, a move that was fiercely protested by the girl's father, John Mwenda.

He accused Olympic High School of discrimination noting that his daughter wore dreadlocks in primary school. Mwenda said that she should enjoy equal religious rights as other religions by virtue of being a member of the Rastafarian religion whose members spot dreadlocks.

It took the intervention of Education CS Amina Mohamed for the girl to return to the school. Mojo had paid a courtesy call to Radio Maisha’s Tom Japanni. He was accompanied by super publicist Anyiko Owoko.

Anyiko, Mojo and Tom Japanni [Photo: David Gichuru]