No love lost? Otile goes for Vera Sidika’s waist in new song

Otile and Vera [Photo: Courtesy]

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown are two celebrities whose stars will in 2019 continue to shine, make headlines and cross paths despite their infamous 2018 breakup.

Albeit this time by design, the two are on the limelight again after Otile dropped a new song Kenyan Girl featuring celebrated sultry voiced siren, Avril.

In the song, he dropped a line that is gathering steam among social media users, that complimented his exe’s shapely figure.

“Macho kama Amber Ray ukinitazama ni taabani, Rangi ya Joey Muthengi utadhani summer bunny. Tabasamu kama mtotoBetty Kyallo aki smile nitadanganya nikisema sijakutamani, ana mashauzi ka Huddah kiuno chake Vera mzigo mzito sana nashindwa ka ntautua,” sang Otile.

A move that has stirred conversations with many praising his maturity for rising above the breakup to celebrate his ex

But that’s not all…

Akothee, Charity Ngilu, Kalekye Mumo, Lilian Muli and Lulu Hassan among others got mentions too as he weaved their beauty and personalities into the song.

Here are some of the comments…

Livie Kyalo posted, “How Otile ignored Drama za Vera and moved on wows me to date!!! This Ninja is resilient!!?"

While Scorpie King wrote, “By mentioning Vera’s name doesn't mean he needs sympathy nooo way... he just proved how mature he is by appreciating our Kenyan hot ladies ...dope bro?."

"Kwa niaba ya kamati ya Roho Safi we congratulate Otile for acting maturely and appreciating Vera despite fact they are not together," added Philip Kasaya

Here is the song...