Raila Odinga visits 14 Riverside complex, briefed on extent of attack

[Photo: Courtesy]

Opposition Chief Raila Odinga has on Wednesday visited 14 Riverside complex where suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen raided and besieged on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media, Odinga stated that the fallen victims are heroes and Kenyans should not relent in their fight against extremism.

“We have been to the scene of crime, and we have been able to talk to the officers, the DCI who is himself leading this operation here. And they have explained to us in full details what transpired here yesterday.

“We are satisfied with the work that has been done by our security forces. Up to now what they are continuing to do as things stand now there are a lot of things to be done to clear the scene. So it is not yet safe as it were to move inside those premises.

“We know exactly what these people intended, and if it had not been for the swift action of the security forces many more lives would have been lost here. So we really thank these people for what they did, how they acted so professionally to come and save lives here.

"But to terrorists, our message is still the same as before and I want to reiterate once again here, that this act will not cow or intimidate the people of Kenya. If anything else it has helped us," said Odinga.

Earlier, President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his state of the nation address, commended Kenyans for their concerted effort to help each other during the attack at Riverside that started at around 3 pm.

"They showed the world the best part of us, brave, patriotic, loving and unbowed," said President Uhuru.

14 people lost their lives.