New York Times defiant, gory photos from DusitD2 will not be pulled down

[Photo: Courtesy]

Gory photos from the Dusit D2 hotel will not be pulled down from The New Times, this is according to a new communique.

In a post made by Kimiko de Freytas – Tamura, a New York Times journalist who penned the article that carried the photos, it is the mission of her organization to show the reality of attacks.

The statement by New York Times is to the effect that their “readers need a clear picture” of the attack in order to get a “real sense of the situation.”

“We have heard from some readers upset with our publishing a photo showing victims after a brutal attack in Nairobi. We understand how painful this coverage can be, and we try to be very sensitive in how we handle both words and images in these situations…

“We want to be respectful to the victims and to others affected by the attack. But we also believe it is important to give our readers a clear picture of the horror of an attack like this. This includes showing pictures that are not sensationalized but that give a real sense of the situation.

“We take the same approach wherever in the world something like this happens - whether it’s a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nev., or a terror attack in Toronto or London - balancing the need for sensitivity and respect with our mission of showing the reality of these events,” read the statement in part.

A position that will fuel further exchange on social media that has already seen the #deportKimiko gaining traction.

Kimiko deleted her earlier posts on the subject, including one in her defence that said she has no control over who uploads the photos.

She explained that the deleted posts did not explain the reasoning behind their position