SDEHotList: How to detox after holiday excess

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The December holidays are gone and after a month of binge eating, drinking and making merry, we are all in for the not so huggable January.

Our bodies do not feel nor look right. It is time to detoxify and put our systems back into rhythm.

So how do you achieve this after pumping in all those toxins during the holiday break?


Yes, walk.

This should be easy considering how hollow our pockets sound during Njaanuary.

Return the car you hired to impress the village and kick start your metabolism.

Those chafua meza buddies in the local should be kicked to the curb. The mbuzi choma, busaa, and mountains of free food need to be burned off.

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  • Find a consistent workout plan; calling a nduthi guy for a walkable distance should be a no-no.
  • Avoid the lift at the office.
  • Use your Kasarani balcony to stretch, not to check if your blue Subaru is still where you left it.


Detoxing is all about flushing out toxins and putting the good back in. What simple, natural and easy way to detox than by gulping down a glass of water.

The muratina, salty pork, fatty mutton, juicy mbuzi, gunia of waruu and gallons of coffee spiced with sugar, all went somewhere.

Your body was in a marathon of intake, fighting to digest and absorb all that you were forcing it to. It is understandable; it is ‘un-African to say no to a meal.’

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However, your body was depleted of water and all that was not broken down was stored as fat.

The good thing about water is that it flushes our bodies of waste, carries nutrients to our cells and aids digestion. Take a glass, it'll save your life.


December holidays were not so friendly to many rickety beds. Their occupants kept off for weeks.

It was a month of hopping from one party, road trip and night out to another.

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According to scientists Andy Eugene and Jolanta Masiak, sleep is essential as brain detoxification process occurs during that time of rest.

The lack of quality sleep during the holiday impaired many people’s glymphatic system and caused toxins to build up.

Get the right amounts of sleep; leave the night-running to bats and ‘The Association of Night Runners.’


Let’s be honest, while some Kenyans on Twitter were lamenting about patriarchy during the holidays, a huge junk of the population was chewing whatever was put on the table.

There was a lot of meat, beer, and fats.

“Siwezi kula sukuma wiki mwaka mzima nikuje niitafune tena Christmas,” some were heard arguing.

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The bitter truth, however, is that in order to build up and restore essential vitamins and minerals, sukuma wiki and terere among others are the way to go.

It’s time to put on the cooking pot all those rich foods you ignored. Reach out for the green smoothies and juices to replenish your body.

Meal plan

Decide what you’re going to eat and when. It is that simple.

You have just come back from the mecca of foods, a month of plenty.

The quickest way to ease into January is not by fasting. Have a timetable, make decisions to cut down and choose to eat healthily.