TravelWithSDE: Low budget? Unwind at Uhuru Park this holiday season

Uhuru Park.

For parents and guardians keen on low-budget amusement for their children especially this festive season, Uhuru Park is the best option.

Entrance is free and you only need to pay a small fee for the activities you partake in.

Not only does Uhuru Park have a vantage viewpoint of the city, but it’s also great place to take photos.

 It has several spots that you can rest but since it’s very open, one has to be careful moving around as there are also street kids who sometimes make the place their home.


Sitting on a 12.9 hectare piece of land, Uhuru Park is recreational park adjacent to the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya. It was opened to the general public by the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on 23 May 1969.

It contains an artificial lake, several national monuments, and an assembly ground which has become a popular skateboarding spot on weekends.

Apart from skateboarding, the assembly ground is used for occasional political and religious gatherings.

Some of the activities you can find in this park include boat riding for just Sh300 for 30 minutes. Depending on how deep your pockets are, your kids or the kid in you can also enjoy face painting, bouncing castles, quad bikes for kids, horse and amel riding and merry-go-round.

Check out some of the photos from Uhuru Park: