Governor Waititu hits headlines again with viral Christmas photo

Governor Waititu at the tree lighting ceremony      Photo:Courtesy

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu was the talk of town on Tuesday after he debuted his Santa outfit during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Kiambu County Government Headquarters.

Donning a white wooly beard, the controversial governor completed the look with the red Christmas hat. Judging from the reaction of netizens, his outfit was not a hit.

But what was sadder was the poorly decorated tree that was supposed to be the highlight of the night.

In his defense, he choose to have an existing tree decorated rather than buy another tree.

“Rather than spend exorbitant amounts of money to buy a Christmas tree, I channeled my donations and those of corporate and individual well-wishers towards buying foodstuffs and blankets to needy children in 12 children's homes in Kiambu.”

Governor Waititu with recipients and well wishers at the ceremony Photo: Courtesy

The tree lighting ceremony was a charity event meant to donate food items and blankets to 12 children’s homes in the county. But it would seem that his tree lighting drama overshadowed the actual cause.

This is not the first time a tree lighting ceremony has led to a PR nightmare. In 2016, Nyandarua county attracted the wrath of Kenyans after the then governor Daniel Waithaka Mwangi unveiled a tree that was alleged to have cost taxpayers a cool 2 million bob.

He later clarified that the cost was roughly Sh30,000 for the whole project, but the damage was already done.

We can only wait to see if other counties will follow the same path.