Uganda boat tragedy sparks online cat fight between married women, slay queens


As more interesting secrets emerge about the Kampala socialites who died on a party boat, debate now rages on social media over married men and their slay queens.

One debate was curiously raised by a simple woman’s plea to the slay queens to leave other women’s husbands alone. The responses were unexpected.

“Stupid!” came the first answer. “How can I waste my time with a hopeless man who doesn’t have a woman already? What would I do with such a man? In any case, who would I quarrel with if my man doesn’t have another woman for me to hate?”

After that salvo, several women came up in support of dating married men. And then someone took the ‘discussion’ to a higher level by demonising wives who try to ‘monopolise’ their husbands.

“Imagine the selfishness of these silly women!” she sneered. “If your man is so good, why do you deny others the chance of sharing a bit of him? After all, he still comes back to you at the end of the day, even if after a few days banange.”

Support for this view spread. Some women even complained of having dated some boring married men and wished their wives had guarded them and kept them to themselves.

While such debates rage, they spark new debates on new threads. Someone picks up a nice debate and re-posts it as her own original thought. What I don’t understand is how these sisters manage it – I mean the time to argue themselves hoarse on keyboards.

On one thread, the whining wives were blamed for failing to satisfy their poor husbands, thereby inciting them to loo for slay queens. The wives were advised to tell their husbands to stop disturbing the poor slay queens.

In other words, the slay queens were now being cast as the victims of hungry men, not the hunters of men. On yet another thread, the women and some men were pushing the view that this is Africa and, therefore, the foreign ideology of one man one woman must be shunned.

This is Africa and so it will be? Some apparently brainy, or rather widely read fellows, started claiming that it is something called capitalism which caused Europeans to star individualising women, producing few kids so that they could save money to own houses and stop being harassed by landlords.

As usually happens, such threads that spring from the original one develop a life of their own as they also produce others.

You can’t keep following all these things unless you don’t have work to do, so when I reached a comment that sounded like a good conclusion, I stopped following.

The comment said than no couple was measured with a tape ruler and declared that they could only fit each other - to the exclusion of other users. The debate is still raging.

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