VIDEO: Drama as tuktuk operator stones two traffic police

The tuktuk driver punches one officer as the other looks on from a ditch.

A shocking video has emerged online showing an auto rickshaw operator assaulting two traffic police officers.

The undated video begins with the driver throwing one police officer to the ground before punching him.

As this happens, another officer is seen emerging from a ditch by the side of the road.

The driver proceeds to his tuktuk and seems to be driving away as the second police officer throws a stone at the vehicle.

However, the driver turns the auto rickshaw around and attempts to run over the officers, sending them scampering for safety.

The officers scamper for safety.

The driver then turns around yet again and alights from the tuktuk, picks up s stone by the roadside and throws it at one of the officers, who runs out of the camera’s view.

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