Why shameless student leaders have bright future in politics


I have seen a video of controversial South Sudan tycoon Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr addressing officials of the Kenya Universities Students Organisation (KUSO).

In the now viral video, which I hope you have seen too because it is the basis of this article, the tall, dark, burly bald man pledges his support for the organisation and the youth in general.

“I will stand with KUSO, and I will invest in KUSO… I will invest a lot of dollars in KUSO. I love youth, I will support youth, and I’m looking forward to the youth to change this country,” he says in a South Sudanese accent, terrible English and huge eyes opened wide.

The KUSO officials pathetically hang at his every word as he speaks, cheer him on, chant, and one of them - a lady - wearing a sheepish smile and a hijab even goes further ahead to add, unapologetically, that “our new chopper is coming.”

I want you comrades to understand what I’m saying here: Lual Malong Yor Jnr is a man who has been accused of grave crimes and associated with terrible people within and without the South Sudanese government.

I even recently read an article in an international media outlet that describes him as “an all round horrible person.” He has tonnes of money and flaunts it everywhere while his country people scrap at left over from the bottom of the barrel.

Now, KUSO is an organisation that brings together student leaders from all public universities. So, in essence, they represent our interests. If they look bad, then we look bad.

Which is what happened this time, we looked bad... and terribly so. And the worst thing is that they probably did it for a few thousands that will depleted by the end of the week.

Back in the day, student leaders were composed of solid men like Miguna Miguna, Karl Max, James Orengo and company. Men of mettle. Men who were tortured and locked up for defending the rights of comrades but they never relented.

Nowadays, all we have are a bunch of pretty boys in fancy suits willing to trade their souls for a couple shillings. They have only their own interests at heart, not us. But, see, all this notwithstanding, I think these chaps actually have a bright future in Kenyan politics.

Because isn’t that how the game is played out there?  Weren’t our duly elected MPs recently bribed with petty cash-as little as Sh5,000-to shoot down a report on contraband sugar?

Aspiring politicians bribe party bigwigs for nomination certificates, politicians buy the support of other politicians when seeking national elective positions. It is public knowledge, and they’re not - in the remotest - ashamed of it.

So, yes, our KUSO officials may be trash and as dumb as goats but they sure as hell have a bright future in national politics if they keep treading down that path.

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