I came with my own money: Man dating Diamond’s mother speaks

Rally and Bi Sandra [Photo: Courtesy]

The relationship between Diamond Platnumz's mother Bi Sandra and her younger lover, Rally Jones, has always been of interest to netizens.

Trolled for their age difference, it has only cemented their relationship and the couple is going strong despite people's opinions.

Recently, he revealed during an interview that the reason Bi Sandra gave him a second look is because he is a loaded man.

Rally added that that he was a rich man before Diamond’s mother came along reiterating that Bi Sandra would not give a poor man a chance.

''I came with my own money that is why she accepted me.

''I am a big man, how can someone take care of me financially? Do you think she would accept a proposal from a poor man? Do you think she can date someone who has no job or money? She loves a lot she can't hang out with someone who doesn't have plenty of it,'' he told Wasafi TV.

Early this year, Bi Sandra surprised Rally with a trip to South Africa.

 On many occasions the couple have been seen together attending different events and engagements in their home country, Tanzania.