Man chokes Kiambu woman to death during bedroom marathon

"She was choked to death while having sex, it’s never that serious guys”

Sex, one of mankind’s biggest obsession, has no socially sanctioned tutorials. People grow into adults and start engaging in it, with women in particular expecting their male partners to be great at it.

With the pressure to offer the best sex, most people are left at the mercies of gossip from friends or blue movies and literature for lessons.

But in their endeavour to perfect their game between the sheets, some individuals try all manner of things they heard from friends or read about, most of which, at times, backfire, leading to injuries or complications.

Crazy tales have, for instance, been told of women who, in moments of reckless abandon, ask their lovers to tie them on beds during sex.

Others reportedly ask their partners to slap them around during the act, whilst some demand all manner of oddities like oral or anal sex, in the name of spicing thing up.

Such is likely to have been the case in Nairobi, with a woman being reported to have allegedly died after her man accidentally chocked her to death during sex.

While mourning the deceased, her friend posted a touching tribute on Twitter, warning men never to take too seriously some of the orders women give during sex.

A sad-sounding Winnie Smart, wrote: “I’m en route to Kiambu for our friend's burial who was choked to death while having sex, it’s never that serious guys.”

Unfortunately, instead of empathizing with her and offering some comforting words, majority of the social media users decided to poke fun, making all manner of jokes about the tragic incident.

“Probably just an orgasm coma. Might wake up! Don’t hurry the burial?” Wrote Joseph Kakai, leaving other netizens in stitches. “I want to laugh but say sorry at the same time,” added a certain Martin.

“So someone came and went at the same time. Sorry for your loss but this is funny,” chipped in a giggly Jacky, with the post attracting thousands of responses, majority of which, sadly found it funny than tragic.

Unfortunately, Crazy Monday couldn’t independently verify the authenticity of the obituary, seeing as Winnie had not responded to our inboxes by press time.

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