Mother disowns son who killed father while defending her during domestic tiff

In a fit of rage, Douglas Mogesi from Nyeri County clobbered his biological father to death after he attempted to attack his mother, following a domestic wrangle.

The shocking admission was made in court by the young man, with the hope that he would be placed on probation, leading to leniency.

But much to his shock, his mother rejected the suggestion, telling High Court judge, Wilfrida Okwany that he qualified more to be in jail than being allowed back in society with the hope of changing his ways and, particularly, his anger issues.

While insisting that her son, whose age was not revealed in court, had wild anger that could only be tamed in prison, the mother was categorical he wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

She said her son is an extremely dangerous person whenever anyone angers him.

In the case, the judge heard that on June 25, 2016, Mogesi’s father Samuel Gekonge and his wife had a disagreement which resulted to the man attempting to beat her.

Mogesi joined the fray and beastly beat up the deceased using a wooden plank, leaving him for dead.

His brothers heard the commotion and tried to plead with him to stop in vain. It took the efforts of two brave neighbours who came to intervene.

They wrestled him to the ground and disarmed him but no sooner had the accused been disarmed, he threatened the two neighbours with a panga thus causing them to run away for their own safety.

Justice Okwany heard that the accused was so determined to unleash terror on his father that he slashed him on the head and on the legs, killing him.

Mogesi pleaded with the judge to hand him a lean sentence, the reason being he was a promising young man and that he was remorseful for what he had done.

He also promised to behave well in the event the court released him.

After considering a probation report which was filed in court on July 25 this year, the judge handed him 10 years in jail.

She observed that the report painted picture of a man who the society would not live with.

“The said report does not paint a very rosy picture of the accused’s character, temperament and reputation. The probation officer states that his investigations into the background of the accused reveals that he is a violent, dangerous, overbearing and anti-social person whose own community is not willing to accept back in their midst,” the judge observed.

Justice Okwany said that although he had sealed a plea bargaining agreement with the State by agreeing to plead guilty, Mogesi needed no mercy.

“This case is a classic demonstration of the total breakdown in societal and family values that once held the society together and made it a taboo for one to even contemplate lifting a finger against hisown parent,” she said, adding that the accused had no qualms about beating his own father to death and he should equally not expect to get any sympathy from the court.