Massage with ‘happy ending’ at city spas

“We can tell who need the extras or not... by just looking at a client and how they respond to our small talk and hints"

A tension releasing massage is the signature service at every Spa. In recent years though, there has been a growing client base who wants a little more.

They want a service that is more exhilarating: something that can only be described as sordid. What they are looking for is a ‘happy-ending massage’; one that ends with an activity of a sexual nature.

Upon investigations on this matter, Crazy Monday discovered a lot from some male clients and masseuses.

For instance, considering the privacy under which massage is offered, some masseuses, especially in upmarket massage parlours in Nairobi, go all the way and offer sex, especially if top dollar is paid.

Others only offer orals, ‘special access to their boobs and bums to satisfy fantasies and ‘pleasuring’ and once they climax, the session ends.

Interestingly, we also discovered that contrary to perception, women, too, go for happy ending, demanding that their erogenous zones be pleasured.

However, a certain Helen, who works at a city massage parlour, told us they are always very careful also not to send wrong signals to ‘wrong customers’, clueless about ‘happy ending’, seeing as some clients come in and only need a regular massage.

“Some clients will tip as much as Sh3,000, Sh5,000 or even Sh10,000 and hint that they want extras. Such types are always remembered and become regulars. With only three clients who pay, say Sh3000 tip, I go home with almost Sh10,000 for merely offering a hand job or a harmless oral.

“In a good week, you can take home Sh30,000 from extras. That is some good cash in these hard economic times,” she says.

Helen says some of her colleagues strictly offer massage, but others, like herself, don’t mind the extras, including penetration and always hints to clients that they offer more than what is on the official menu.

“We can tell who need the extras or not... by just looking at a client and how they respond to our small talk and hints,” she reveals, adding that when they notice a client who, for instance, doesn’t mind exposing everything, say, by doing away with the towel, this is when they start quoting menu for extras and rates.

Bob, a CEO at a mid-level corporate business, has over the last three years developed a taste for this type of massages.

“Every human being has a guilty pleasure,” he says. “A happy ending massage is mine.”  “I wouldn’t call it sex per se because that is what I have with my wife at home. I call it relieving tension: it is done professionally with no strings attached,” Bob says.

“After a busy, tiring day, some men cool their nerves by taking alcohol. For me, a tantalizing massage, preferably with a happy ending, does the trick,” he adds.

Bob’s days at work, chasing bucks, can sometimes be draining physically and emotionally, he says. Numerous times he has been stressed just going through the hustle and bustle of office life.

“A man has to find ways to cool off. Otherwise you can go mad. I understand that people may not find it moral. But if I am paying for the service it is merely a business transaction,” Bob insists.

Downtown Nairobi Spas are putting up. They go by a variety of nouns: beauty shops, wellness centres, massage parlours and so on.

When we visited one within Nairobi’s CBD, a youngling with an attractive face covered with a thick coat of make-up received us at the reception and only introduced herself as Cate.

“Hello and welcome. You would love to come in for a service?” she asked, oblivious that we are journalists. After a brief introduction I say, “I wanted to find out the range of services you offer.”

She pointed at a menu list stuck to the wall behind her. The list is as long as it is confounding. They offer: full body massage, facial massage, full body soft massage, athletic massage, chiropractic massage and so on and so forth.

“If a client wants a unique type of massage that is not in the list am I allowed to specify?” I ask. “That will now depend with the specific person serving the client,” the receptionist said.

“Because I would love something really special. You know; something that will make me come back being a male client,” I push further.

“That is not a problem. You will just describe it to the lady who will serve you. If she can do it you will definitely be served,” she says.

At a different spa I meet Janet, a masseuse who has been in the business for 3 years now. She is young and vivacious. Her bright orange mini-dress and black tights complement her beauty. The make-up on her face is light enough to contrast with her smoky eyes. Something about her is eerily transactional.

‘Are we doing business or not?’ is what comes out flying from her demeanour. “My job is to give professional massages. That is how I make a living,” she says. “I would prefer that clients respect my services as professional.”

Unfortunately massage clients come in all shades. Janet usually has a streak of happy go lucky clients, “who come in for the right reasons.”

But she is always alive to the possibility of wild eyed Bob landing on her table. “Somehow you learn to accommodate such clients. After all I need I am here to make money and feed my family. Everything else comes after,” she says.

Clients like Bob, she says, ask for extra. “They want a full body massage and ‘pleasuring’,” Janet says. “Some will stick out their hands to touch you to make their intentions clearer.”

The first time it happened Janet froze. Her body went stiff and she stopped moving. She did not know how to react. “I ran out of the booth and went to the manager’s office to ask if I could dismiss the client.”

To her shock, the manager (a woman) encouraged her to go back and ‘get the job done’.

“The manager told me that the client was a powerful and moneyed businessman that we can’t afford to lose. And, he would pay very well,” she says, adding: “Who doesn’t want a good tip in this day and age when two stalks of Sukuma wiki go for Sh10.”

She recalls walking back with her head heavy. The man asked for a hand job which Janet gave feeling numb. When it was all over she went for a walk to draw some air.

“I couldn’t believe that I had just given a stranger a hand job,” she says. In the evening before she left for home the manager called Janet into her office and handed her the tip: a ward of notes amounting to Sh12,000.

Today Janet has 7 regular clients who visit the spa for happy-ending massages.

“Aren’t you a prostitute then?” I ask. “I am not a prostitute. I don’t sell my body on the streets. I give a service that certain types of men want and they pay well for it,” she responds.

These clients, she says, boast massive financial war chests. As a result it is impossible to resist their offers. Some clients will ask for actual intercourse. However, Janet has always resisted that option.

“I tell them that I can give them a beautiful hand job and that’s it: nothing more. I make it clear that at no point will I be undressing. I, however, allow them to touch me; but not under my clothes,” she says.

As for Bob, he goes for his happy-ending massage nearly every fortnight. He has never divulged the truth to his wife and does not think it would be necessary.

“All she knows is that I go for massage. She does not know the details. After my massage sessions I am usually happy when I go home. And when I am happy she is happy as well because the house is livelier,” Bob explains.

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