Girl loses internship at Nasa over offensive tweet

In this age of social media, it’s important to be careful with what you post, or the people you engage in angry outbursts.

This is a vital lesson that a young lady recently learnt in a rather painful way after she lost a coveted scholarship at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration after she unknowingly insulted a senior employee at the organisation.

Naomi H shared on Twitter that she had gotten an internship at NASA, saying, “EVERYONE SHUT THE F*** UP. I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP”.

The tweet got a curt reply from Homer Hickam, a Nasa engineer, and member of the National Space Council, saying: “Language.” To which Naomi replied, “Suck my d!$# and balls I’m working for NASA”.

Hickam then replied with “And I am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA.”

It turns out, Hickam was telling the truth.

He’s one of nearly two dozen people named to Vice President Mike Pence’s newly created National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group. She lost the chance.