‘Bora uwe video queen hivo hivo’ - Hamisa bashed over new song

Hamisa Mobetto

This one she never saw coming! After releasing her first single titled Madam Hero, Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa Mobetto has received major backlash from fans and even main players in the music industry including Ray C.

“Yale aliyoyasema Kiba kua kuna watu wanaharibu mziki ndio kama huyu (H)amisa sasa jamani kama haujui kuimba si bora uwe video queen hivo hivo (These are the people Alikiba was talking about when he said there are those who are spoiling music. Hamisa, if you do not know how to sing, stick to being in videos),” responded one Tob B Wamasaki.

Ray C described the track as a 'bad song'.