Akothee hospitalized again, misses international show


Controversial singer Akothee has been bedridden yet again after burning out, her manager Nelly Oaks has revealed.

Kenyans have been curious of Akothee's whereabouts after noticing seven days had passed without her posting on social media. Some fans started inquiring of her status in the comment section in her previous posts, forcing her manager to release the statement via his own account that the singer was ailing.  

According to Oaks, Akothee was forced to cancel her performance at One Africa Music Festival in New York after barely making it to the airport. She was to fly to the US for the performance on August 11.

"Good morning, due to public demand, first I apologize for all our fans in NYC, sorry we couldn't make it past the airport as our vibrant lady got energy burn out," said Nelly Oaks.

The latest incident is the fourth in just seven months, a result of pushing herself beyond limits despite doctor’s warnings. Her most recent burnout was in April which left her hospitalized for several days after she overworked herself.

"She had difficulties a few days before the travel but we still had hope we were going to make it till hell broke loose at the airport. We sincerely appreciate your support and we shall make it up to you New York. Thank you all for your concern," said Nelly Oaks.

Akothee is a dedicated business woman with several demanding investments not to mention her controversial music career which leaves her fighting Kenyans almost weekly and spending countless of hours on social media.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

In the past few weeks, the singer has been in and of court in custody battles, went to the UK for a tour, came back and immediately started another one in Kisumu to promote different brands she endorses. Remember she's also a mother of five kids who can be just as demanding.

Doctors in April warned her that the toll of overexertion will have a negative impact on her body. Despite the warnings, Akothee has always not been a fan of rest.

"I shot the video at a time when I was meant to be in hospital and on bed rest for exhaustion. Never stop believing in yourself. My fans should expect more hits and entertainment. After all, my life, your entertainment," she said then. 

"The only disease I suffer from is fatigue! Forgot myself in the last few months till my system shut down! Compulsory bed rest, will be back, take care of yourselves till mama comes back onlineshe said in April."