Zari Hassan defends Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Zari Hassan

Zari has found herself at a tight spot after questions of whether she would accept Hamisa’s son emerged during two recent interviews.

‘’Mtoto wa Hamisa akiletwa kwako upo tayari kumpokea?’’ posed Millard Ayo.

Calm and collected, mama T revealed that she has no hard feeling for the innocent child and she would freely accept him blaming his parents for the mistake and not baby Daylan who turned one year on Wednesday.

‘’The thing is, kuna kitu you guys need to understand. Yule mtoto amekuja kwa mistake. It’s not his mistake that he happened. Ni mistake ya wazazi. The parents-mamake mwenye amemza na baba. Coz baba alikuwa anajua kuna mahusiano, he’s in a relationship kuna watoto wawili na mama T. Na dame alikuwa anajua kuna mwanamke kule kuna watoto lakini weh ukakazwa you want to keep the baby. So mimi naona tu if the baby comes if he says ‘ona mchukue mtoto wa mtu,’ it’s our child ashakuwa whether we like or not yaani ashakuwa. So, I wouldn’t say no. Coz Mimi yule mtoto nimeona amekuja kwa mistake. And if there’s anybody yani nakuwa mjinga sana kukaa hapa leo nianze kusema oh yule motto simpendi… amenifanya nini? Ye Pia amejikuta tu amekuja you get? So, I wouldn’t have a problem,’’ Zari responded.

In a separate interview with Uganda’s NBC TV, Zari surprised many after she wished Mobetto’s son a happy birthday.

She also called on her fans to stop attacking Hamisa’s son because it was not his fault and he is an innocent kid.

‘’And everybody out there calling themselves Team Zari I think you all need to stop. When you say you are team Zari you are supposed to be working on things that relate to Zari. You post my work, my children, my businesses, you promote my brand and you are not supposed to be bashing other people. The boy has nothing to do with what happened. So I would really ask everyone to put their differences aside and leave that child alone,’’ she said.

Talk of setting maturity levels.