Another scion of Salim’s music lineage hits airwaves

Salim Young and Salim Junior [Photo: Courtesy]

Renowned Salim family’s music tradition is unrelentingly on rising trajectory as another sibling Laban Kinuthia alias Salim young’s new song took over the airwaves with a bang.

Barely a week after the release of  “Indo Njega niire ene” hit song last month, it has topped list of song requests in local radio stations and televisions.

“It was a trial and error journey since I tried my first song in 2011 but failed terribly. After recording this new song, I tested it for two weeks and sought views of friends before releasing it. It was breakthrough and I am confident I will not relent” says the 27-year-old Salim.

Salim Young is the seventh born in family of eight but also the sixth child in music career. Their father Mzee Joseph Salim Mwangi was the pioneer singer of Mugithi genre.

Salims in music include their father, late Salim Junior, Mighty Salim, Naomi Salim, Sarafina Salim and the new entrant Salim Young.

“It is in the family blood. I started music while I was in primary school and member of Subukia Baptist Church.  I was proficient in instrumentalist. My late brother Salim Junior noticed my interests and taught me how to play guitar. When schools closed I travelled to Nairobi for music tuitions” says Young.

By the time he finished education at Subukia Day Secondary School in 2010 he was expert playing instrumentals. In 2011 he was doing curtain raising performances for his older siblings Salim Junior, Mighty Salim and Sarafina Salim in events.

“I joined Studio Sawa and pursued course in music production. I recorded my first song “Thikiriria Jehova”, a gospel in 2011 but the endeavours failed. Only one vernacular radio station played it. I shifted to remixed songs shows along Thika road and it was a success” he adds.

Early this year Young opened The Salim’s entertainment Production in Kahawa west, Nairobi before he embarked on hybrid production of his own songs.

“I tried a mix of analogue and digital production and it has paid off going by how my song was received” says Young.

The now musician-cum-producer based his hit song on a real life experience with a lady he fell in love with only to learn she was married and had kids.

“It was an incident that has catapulted me to stardom early than I expected. There are others in the pipeline, including a tribute to my older brother Salim Junior” young says.