Social media uproar over politician’s trip to Russia which could cost Kenyans millions

Omanga and Orengo [Photo: Courtesy]

Reports that a delegation of Kenyan political leaders went to Russia for the World Cup has sparked heated conversations on social media.

Nairobi’s Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga who is part of the delegation revealed that they paid a courtesy call to the Kenyan ambassador to Russia.

“As a delegation of Kenyan members of parliament we paid a courtesy call to Kenya’s ambassador to Russia where we discussed a wide range of issues geared towards taking forward and realizing the interests of Kenyans in Russia,” she posted on her page.

Omanga in Russia [Photo: Courtesy]

According to a report by The Star, who quoted the Salaries and Remuneration Committee ceiling, the per diem payment of Sh86,200 daily for each member would amount to a shocking Sh20.6 million for the 12 days. That does not include air tickets and match tickets.

Following the reports many Kenyans are up in arms over the callous spend of taxpayer’s money.

Consumers Federation of Kenya termed the trip as a rip-off.

“NO DIFFERENCE with the scandals they have been "investigating" ~ 20 MPs fly to Russia to enjoy the World Cup ~ Who will save Kenyans from #RipoffKenya? Solai community in Nakuru still reeling in pain of lost livelihoods as Sen. Millicent Omanga and others take selfies in Moscow,” posted COFEK.