Mauritius love? Otile fires back after savage trolls for carrying Vera Sidika

[Photo: Bonfire Adventures]

A lovey-dovey photo of Otile Brown carrying Vera Sidika in Mauritius has got Kenyans talking on social media.

Away on vacation on a sponsored trip, the two took some time to update their pages but it was Vera’s caption on one of her photos that got the trolls on overdrive.

“Get you a strong man that can carry you like a baby,’’ she posted.

The photo seemed to have stoked the fire and was immediately followed by a barrage of commnets as netizens reacted to their blissful moment on the island.

Some of the comments were downright savage, attacking Vera on how she looks while some blasted Otile for dating her.

Unbothered by the haters, however, Otile fired back stating that the comments can only make them laugh. "People comments and opinions though make us laugh,” responded Otile.

Check out photos of their beautiful holiday down in the island nation known for its magnificent beaches, lagoons and reefs.

[Photo: Courtesy]
[Photo: Bonfire Adventures]
[Photo: Bonfire Adventures]