Too soon? Jitters at NYS over reports of pending promotions

NYS recruits [Photo: Courtesy]

Reports that some officers at the National Youth Service (NYS) could be promoted to take up roles of their colleagues hounded out of office over the Sh9 billion have occasioned jitters at the institution.

Some insiders have raised concerns that promoting the officers may work against the fight against corruption.

Sources told The Grapevine that some of the officers have played active roles in procurement thus promoting them will not help in cleaning up the youth agency.

The jitters come at the backdrop of a reported go slow by food suppliers over pending payments.

Some of the suppliers have claimed that the plunder at the agency have caused them their businesses and declared that they would only do business if NYS is cleaned up.


A politician who is eyeing a governor seat appears to clearly understand that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

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