Shamed: MP furious after being forced to disembark from helicopter

He is furious [Photo: Courtesy]

A no-nonsense handler of an influential leader recently kicked an MP out of a helicopter that was carrying his boss. 

Sources told The Grapevine that the legislator is incensed with the ‘inhumane’ manner the personal assistant compelled him to disembark from the chopper.

He told the lawmaker, who was eager to accompany his boss, that he did not add any value to the team.  

This is not the first time that the aide is being accused of high handedness.


The recent arrest and prosecution of a politician and public servants over allegations of corruption has sent chills down the spines of many people in the political circles.

Some MCA’s are understood to have gone underground for fear of arrest.

The MCA’s, who have in the past been indicted over corruption scandal, are said to be hiding in a neighbouring country as they monitor the situation.

They are not available on their phones or social platforms.