Vera and I don't live together, Otile Brown explains why

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika Photo: Courtesy

The lovely couple who jetted out of the country for a short vacation in Mauritius are taking things slowly and surely but towards the right direction. Contrary to what many thought or believed, the two do not live together.

According to a local tabloid, the love birds are neighbors and that is how they manage to spend so much time together.

The curvy socialite lives in the leafy suburbs of Kitisuru while her boo, Otile Brown resides along Peponi road.

Speaking to Heads Up, Otile revealed the reason they still live apart is because he doesn't want to rush things.

‘’We have not moved in together but we live so close to each other. I live on Peponi Road and she lives in Kitusuru, so we are always in each other’s house. For now, we don’t want to rush things,” Bad Man Shivo aka Otile said.

Addressing their relationship which many people still believe is a publicity stunt, Otile refuted the claims stating that their relationship was serious.

“I don’t know why people think that we are staging a publicity stunt. They will be shocked how serious our relationship is. We have been dating for four months now, so if it was a publicity stunt, I guess by now we would have moved on.’’ He said.

According to the artist, companies have approached them to milk their union but they have refused.

‘’We have received offers from different brands for us to use our relationship and earn some money, but we have turned them down. I have already met her mother, who is such a lovely lady. I also met her brother whom we hang out with most of the time, especially when I have a gig in Mombasa,” said Otile.